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Design Group Nine is based in Battersea and provides Surveyors services such as the RICS Condition report, HomeBuyer Report or full building survey in the South London Area across the following boroughs:

Only about 1 in 5 of purchasers have any type of survey. This surprises us, as we have not surveyed a building to date that does not have a defect. Even in newer buildings our survey report is likely to highlight defects that can be used to renegotiate the purchase price.

We often get asked "why do I need a survey when the mortgage company is already doing one?" The main difference is that they are doing a valuation survey to ensure that the funds they lend you are secure. It is not a comprehensive survey and is undertaken only to protect their investment.

It is always advisable for you to have your own survey when buying a home so that you know precisely what you are buying, after all it is likely that this will be the biggest investment you will ever make. The Homebuyer survey involves inspection of the whole property, which includes:

- Roof coverings - Drainage
- Roof structure - Internal walls, floors and partitions
- External walls - Internal joinery
- Guttering - Kitchen fittings
- Damp proof course - Sanitary appliances
- Sub-floor ventilation - General decorative condition
- Windows, doors & external joinery

Visible defects will be identified, such as the presence of dry-rot, rising damp, woodworm, defective roofing, cracks in the structure etc. The testing of services is not covered, but usually a report on its visible condition is given. If required the survey can incorporate testing of services at additional cost.

Use the relevant link below to view survey rates in your area of interest:

Call us on 020 8642 0100 for more information or to organise your Homebuyer Survey and Homebuyer Report, or email us at dj@dgn.co.uk

Building Surveys

For more information and a quotation for a Building Survey, please call us on 020 8642 0100, or email us at dj@dgn.co.uk We carry out both the Homebuyer survey and Building surveys for clients and recommend that the type and the age of the property is most likely to dictate which is most suitable. Call or email for advice if you are unsure. Please note that the prices quoted are for properties of standard construction.

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